Sign Language Resources, Inc.

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Who is SLR? Why Choose Us?

We strive to know our interpreters, consumers, and customers on an individual basis. You are never a number with us. When we receive a request for services we ask pertinent questions to structure the appropriate services. Our goal is to contract with the interpreters who are the best match possible for a particular assignment, and guide the customer throughout the process based on the unique needs of the assignment.




The interpreters that we do business with have a positive history of maintaining their encounters and their businesses with the utmost of professional standards.


Customers and Deaf consumers can feel confident of the highest quality services in all settings: legal, medical, business corporate, educational, vocational, conferences, mental health, social events, etc.


Many of our customers, Deaf consumers, and interpreters have maintained a relationship with SLR throughout its history, and our network is always growing.


We are in this business to stay, not to make a fast dollar. We do not engage in over-booking or inflated prices.



Sign Language Resources, Inc. provides a variety of services, from on site to conference planning. See SLR's Services



SLR's support staff is highly detail oriented, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. When you make a request for interpreting services every effort is made to see that it becomes a successful encounter, from dealing with the coordinators to working with the interpreters.


SLR, Inc. is available to take your hospital and police emergency requests for a Sign Language interpreter at any time, day or night, 7 days a week (some major holidays excluded). You can reach us in the event of an emergency by calling 888 964 5553 and pressing the star key on your phone. See Emergencies


Professional Affiliations

SLR maintains professional affiliations with a number of organizations whose focus is Sign Language Interpreting or Women-Owned Businesses.